German Arzate blog: About our quality

Good day everyone I am German Arzate and I would like to let you know about our quality and our products, we can’t stress enough how important is for us to give you a great service and awesome quality on dental implants.

Unfortunately our country Mexico, does not produce the necessary materials to perform dental implant surgeries and we are forced to buy from other countries, especially from United States. So pretty much all our materials aren’t done here.

When a person says: “I went to Mexico and I got dental implants and it was a really poor quality”
They might be right and the quality could be bad, but you must not generalize. I know some colleagues in other cities buy products from the cheapest quality so they can assure better profit and it might be the reason when U.S citizens or Canadians return to their country mad and with bad dental work in their dental implants.

We do not buy the cheapest materials, we provide you top quality products and materials to make you feel comfortable, secure, and the most important thing: That your dental implants work and you get the best vacations with dental implant vacations in Cancun

So what you need to do is ask whoever the person is telling you their dental work in Mexico wasn’t done well where it was done exactly. In Cancun, Mexico city, Tijuana? Generalizing and getting an opinion for just one person might not be a great idea when it comes to dental implants or any other thing.

To make the most of the materials also you need qualified doctors. We have been working with dental implant vacations for more than 10 years. We are specialized on doing what we like and we do it great. So our materials and doctors are top quality, don’t let one person scare you just because he had their dental implants done in other place that wasn’t in Cancun, with us.