To make a difference!

German Arzate

Hi, I’m German Arzate and today I would like to share this very important story with you. Alina and Moises were part of the previous Live Implant Training Course hosted by my dental impants clinic in Cancun by the AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry) and the Dental Implant Learning Center at Englewood. Their story really struck a chord with me. Moises lost his legs in a train accident and Alina is paralytic.  They are people with almost nothing who get by by selling candies. The concept of welfare like in the United States is technically inexistent in Mexico... the little assistance they could get from the government is not enough to cover their most basic needs, so  we decided to do something special for them.

We brought them to our clinic for the live implant course in March. X-rays were taken, evaluations were done and the implants were set without a hitch. Now, months later, their implants were rehabilitated and the abutments and crowns were set. They didn’t have to pay a dime and now they are very happy with their new smiles.

This is one of the reasons I love the Live Implant Training Course... We can help people who really need it, especially with people with different capacities. It really gets to me. I consider them warriors to fight daily against the struggle of life. They inspire me to keep going forward, to be thankful for what I have and never give up. It fills my heart with joy to see them smiling and I can say I feel lucky to be in the business of smiles to be there when it happens. It really makes my heart grow. The photo above was taken a few days ago.

The wheelchairs they have are already worn down and have been fixed several times. We are currently looking for options to help them with a new set of wheelchairs... but not any wheelchairs. They need sturdy sport wheelchairs so they can move around to keep working outside… and they are very skilled at it! They impressed me! Moises has been very innovative by adapting a box to the chair to carry their wares around.  If you know of anyone who could donate one for them, please let me know in the comments below. It would really make a difference for their lives.