Someone tip that barista!

In my everyday work as dentist in Cancun, I hear a lot of stories from my patients when they come back for their dental checkups, but there is one in particular that makes me very happy: the "WOW story”, as I like to call it.

This patient told me that everyone in her family and friends were complimenting her on her new smile makeover when she returned home, but she was wondering if they were only doing it out of courtesy because they knew she had fixed her teeth.

She thought they looked nice, but she had done the makeover out of functionality to eat healthy again. After years of having no confidence she was still a little anxious thinking “well, they are nice but I’m not beautiful”. Until one day she went to Starbucks and when she was about to order she smiled at the barista; he was so honestly impressed by her smile he exclaimed "WOW! What a gorgeous smile!".

That's when it hit her... she thought “Oh my God, this IS real!”. A perfect stranger was confirming what she thought were exaggerations. She DID have a gorgeous smile! She almost cried and the barista thought he had said something wrong! When she told me this we were both laughing.

I was really happy for her. This is some of the beautiful things I get to witness every day. You might hear people say "great haircut", "nice suit", "cool shoes"... but nothing about your smile. This is a problem for people who have lost their confidence because there's something unique and pure from a smile... it feels like the core of what we are. So when I give people makeover smiles, they feel as if they have regained a part of themselves and can't stop smiling. It’s a huge difference! In any case… we already need to keep a box of tissues nearby in the unit because things tend to get a "little" emotional from time to time when we bring patients the mirror for the first time.

Dental implants are truly a game changer and I'm glad I can work with them in my clinic Dental Implants Vacations to keep on hearing these wonderful stories.