German Arzate: Our price and quality, the best!

Welcome again to my blog, this is German Arzate and today I want to talk to you about one thing that has been very difficult for me to change with the patients we have had on dental implants: perception about our price before they arrive to Cancun.

It is true! It is really hard to believe one procedure up to 70 % cheaper than in the U.S and Canada can have the same quality, the same standards, and that this dental implants in Cancun could be as reliable as the other dental implants. Then it is even more complicated when they start thinking for a second and they say “Okay, I am getting them cheaper because in Mexico everything is cheaper, but I am getting dental implants in Cancun and also the cost of all my vacations and it will still be cheaper than here, why?”

They find it tricky and they think at the end they will have a lot of troubles by coming here, they also have a wrong idea about what dental implant vacations are, and what our dental clinics are. I made a complaint about it here, I suggest you to read it if you have time. But yeah, I am considering on recording the before and after of them. One saying when they were in their country all the things they were afraid about Cancun and then getting astonished because of our great facilities, standards, services and awesome job when they arrive. Just to let you know we had a patient the other they who got dental implants, we did a great job but he didn’t believe it and he went to his dentist in the U.S and talked him about his dental implant vacations experience and ask him to check the dental implants he got with us. He called us and told us “I went to see my dentist, he says that you do a perfect job and my new denture is perfect just like you said” 

Don’t hesitate and contact us! We are going to show you why we are your best option for dental implants.