German Arzate: About the sites

This is German Arzate blog and today I want to write you a story about the conversation I had with a friend of mine: He was asking me about why I created German Arzate’s site and why I decided to create different German Arzate’s sites too. 

So he told me something like this “I got to ask you, I was checking your name on the internet the other day and I found out several domains that had German Arzate on it. I wasn’t sure which one of them was yours. Luckily for me, I am seeing you today so I’m asking you so I can know which one is the one I should be reading”.

Actually I haven’t realized how many sites I created until he told me about the subject. I explained him that every site has a different purpose and reason why it was created. For example, German Arzate complaints was made so I could write everything that bothers me, German Arzate site, you can find all my art, all the things I have created. And there are also blogs where I write about different topics. In German Arzate complaints wordpress and blogspot blogs are also about all the things I want to complain about and in German Arzate wordpress and blogspot blogs I basically write about a lot of things, trying to focus more on the dental part though.

He was a little bit confused about all sites but he got the point. The important thing is to divide the topics into different sites. If one person wants just to know about dental implants that person will leave the site if most of the things are art related things, and get instead into my other site where I talk all about dental implants in Cancun and my life as a dentist. Now that you know the difference of the sites, I suggest you to check them, I am sure you will find one you like.