German Arzate: The dentist, the sculptor.

Leaving aside being Dentist in Cancun I want to tell you in this German Arzate blog about my other passion: Sculpture.
When I finished my career and I became a dental surgeon, I continued taking certifications to perform certain procedures, like Paulo Malo’s All on 4 treatment. But to become a sculptor I didn’t follow the same path. I didn’t get proper education in sculpture, I didn’t take classes and I didn’t study art. The way I learned was a bit different but still effective.

Since I was a kid I started learning by myself art techniques and I experimented with many materials making my knowledge all self-taught. I enjoyed doing sculptures and that’s why I started practicing it more and more. Now I have been practicing it all my life and I can happily say I am getting the opportunity of showing my art in an exhibition in New York.

I have had some exhibitions here in Mexico and I’m very pleased to show the work I do to other people. Now in New York I’m hoping I can reach more people in this exhibition sharing some of my most important sculptures. 

I gotta say I have been a great fan of surrealism and many other great painters and sculptors. My greatest inspirations: Miguel Angel, Da Vinci, Picasso, Dali, Remedios Varo. In my sculpture I try to create “duality”, the mix of images and shapes capable of merging to create a single form, my work has been called of being part of what people often name as “fantastic realism”.

What I have always found fascinating in the world of sculpture is the magic, mysticism, perfection and duality that can be achieved by creating an sculpture with different ways or points of view like 2 different objects that depending on the place you observe them you can appreciate either one or another making it a marvelous sculpture.