German Arzate the sculptor part 2:

Now I would like to continue writing to you in this German Arzate blog about sculpture, this thing I like to do as much as I like being a dentist in Cancun and perform dental implants an all kinds of procedures as part of dental implant vacations. I already told you I started practicing sculpture since I was a kid, now I would like to tell you more about my opinions and some other things I like and do referring to my sculptures.

I have always said you need to have great teachers, mentors or inspirations to success in anything you do. To become a dentist, I look up to  all the teachers that tough me in my college U.N.A.M and also Paolo Malo’s All on 4 certification have made me become a great dentist in Cancun. Talking about sculpture, I see Remedios Varo, Dalí and Pablo Picasso as some of my greatest inspirations because of their ability to create something different, something new and its style. I considered them as mentors because I try to follow their path and dedication to create art.

I have been always fan of geometry, however, I am more attracted to the human body, I think each part of the human body is just perfect. So it got my attention, replicating the human body in sculpture is such a complex and interesting thing to do. I always liked to understand bone structures. The human body is admirable, but watching the human body in movement its marvelous, to see many muscles working together to complete an action, like moving a heavy thing, doing exercise, or just walking is simply perfect and that’s why I like to do sculptures about humans in different positions.

If you want to check more about the art I am doing visit this site, I am going to do an exhibition in New York and you get all the information in this place. If you want to get to know more about my clinic and all the work I have been doing as a Dentist in Cancun over the years, please visit here.