An amazing machine.

Hi everyone, I am Dr. German Arzate, a dentist in Cancun specialist in dental implants and today I want you to imagine the next thing: Imagine a tool or a machine that when it functions is able to crush with a strength of over 250 pounds per square inch. It is used every day without getting a proper maintenance, most of the time comes with a manufacturing defect, and it is submitted to chemicals substances and strong materials that reduce its effectiveness. What would you think it will happen to this machine in 20-30 years after not getting proper maintenance and absorbing all the substances that decrease the way it works?

Eventually some parts or pieces will crack, some others will stop working, the damage in some others after hours of work without proper maintenance will be irreversible and they will need to be replaced and some others will just fall and make the machine work worse.

The machine we are talking about is our teeth, the main importance of them is to chew, cut and crush our food. I German Arzate, as a Dentist in Mexico can tell you that most of the people I have treated have damaged their teeth with abuse of alcohol, tobacco or other substances, the teeth absorb those substances, plus a poor nutrition and improper cleaning of them leads to the teeth to start losing the effectiveness to complete their work. The strength of a human bite is approximately 250 pounds and when we talked about manufacturing defects is that sometimes our teeth are misaligned which makes us chew in an inadequate way our smile gets modified.

In case your teeth are misaligned or because of every-day use of them they don’t work in the same perfect way, we have a cheap solution for you. Usually, getting a cosmetic dentistry is expensive in U.S and Canada and dental vacations are a possibility that Cancun offers. We have been working for over 10 years with U.S and Canadian citizens, using the same high quality materials they could have gotten in their country with a low-cost, great quality and time to enjoy sunny Cancun.