Things change.

As a dentist in Cancun I often hear from my patients similar words such as: “Thanks Doctor German Arzate for helping me to chew again after 10, 20 or more years, I didn’t know this surgery was going to be quick and affordable”. Truth is, not a lot of people know about this procedure. It can change your life, and thanks to technological changes is getting easier and more affordable to place dental implants and completely modify the smile of a person.

Technological changes have transformed and improved the way we do our work and live our daily life, for example, now I see all of us using smartphones, laptops and any other device to stay connected all time, most of them are now very important to stay communicated with our relatives and perform our jobs.

As those changes have done a great change in the ways we work, communicate, socialize and live technology it has also had an impact in all sectors including cosmetic dentistry. I wouldn´t imagine now a dentist in Mexico or in any part of the world working without the advanced equipment we have. Technological changes are fundamental for the improvement of the machinery, equipment and necessary material to do the dental procedures. Just thinking a few years ago, dental implants were very expensive and the process took a lot of time makes me think about all that technology has changed and now dental procedures can be done in a short period of time each time easier and more affordable

Now my costumers return home with a great smile and able to eat all things they couldn’t do before their treatment. That’s really a huge change, don’t you think? I am glad that I can place dental implants and people can enjoy a normal life again after that.