German Arzate posts about single implants

I’m sure how annoying it might be to have your denture without a tooth. I have seen patients many times and most of them have told me how inconvenient it becomes to speak or eat when you have a missing tooth or more than one.

They say it is a huge problem even if it’s a single one, when you bite you feel the hole of that missing tooth and the food tends to go there, or when they speak they felt their smile wasn’t the same and they think it was about time to get dental implants.

They have told me, they decided to search for single implants with dentist in Mexico because they got tired of hearing the huge prices for single implants in the country where they live and they started to search for options until they realize in Mexico dental implant vacations was an important growing market that also was reliable. Then they chose the dentist that was in charge of returning them their complete smile and erase those bad days where they wouldn’t open their mouth because they were afraid or unconfident about their smile due to a lack of a tooth.

And all they say is true. Even if it’s a single tooth missing you can feel a lot of difference and if they don’t come and get a single implant in time their teeth will move because of the extra space, making the bite different than its original way.

And it is also true how expensive it can be to get dental implants in the U.S or Canada, a lot of patients decide that without any doubt we are the best option for dental implants, it is an excellent way to save money getting single implants or dental implants and get to travel to Cancun.