Warranties and hidden prices

As you are finally deciding on finally get a complete smile makeover and you are exploring the amount of possibilities dental implant vacations has to offer, you must check the things a company offers, their quality and also the place where it will be, because that is where you are going to spend your vacations. Also a very important part is the hidden prices and warranties they have in their products and offers.

As in many services, products and offers, hidden prices are the ones that can affect our decision to buy in one place or in another. There are restrictions when they might tell you something like: “yes, our promotion said that price, but there are things you need to buy first so you can apply” and they don’t even mention them in any part of the promotions they send by e mail, website or social network until you are just about to pay.

They also don’t offer warranty in any of the cosmetic dentistry products. Imagine getting an expensive dental treatment like an all on 4, all on 6 or snap indentures, you don’t receive any warranty and somehow the dentist doesn’t give you any kind of warranty, he doesn’t do a proper dentistry work and in less than 6 months the treatment is useless. As soon as you call them, they tell you that no cosmetic dentistry treatment had warranty and there’s nothing else you can do. It will really be a reason to be really angry about.

That’s why we suggest you to come with us, German Arzate Cancun dentist and my staff are here to provide you the best experience in Dental implant vacations in Cancun. We offer warranty for all of our dental pieces, which rarely happens, and we also don’t have hidden prices. What you are looking on our website, social network or email is the real deal, we won’t add anything else to none of the dental treatments we are offering.