German Arzate: About the Gallery

Good day everyone this is German Arzate and today I won’t  write you about dental implants or dental implant vacations, I want to tell you how was the experience at Agora Gallery and at New York.

It was really impressive to assist to the opening ceremony and be part of that great show. It was interesting to see the people attending this event and looking them while they were looking at my sculptures, it is funny to see them when they are looking my sculptures, I always try to find out what are they thinking, what are their thoughts about each sculpture in the exact moment they look at it.
I have to say It was really impressive and I am very proud I was part of this art exhibition. When I was in New York, even if it was only a short period of time, I have to say that I missed a little bit dental implants vacations and the patients I get to know by doing my work. Being in that city help me understand how incredible is my job and how I have had the opportunity to meet and be friends of incredible people.

And it is true, there are always patients in y clinic and I try to get to know them and ask them questions to make their time at the clinic more comfortable and they don’t feel like an obligation to have to go to the dental appointment afraid and in a bad mood. I always try they feel like at home and my incredible staff thinks the same so we take care of our patients really well. At the end they live our door with a great smile and as our friends. I hope you can come to Cancun to get dental implant vacations and see if for yourself