Snap in dentures decision

Some of my colleagues from around the country commonly ask me “Dr. German Arzate I heard that not only you are doing snap in dentures in Cancun but also you are telling people from outside the country how convenient it is to get dental vacations in Cancun instead of getting their teeth done in their country how do you manage to bring those people from other country?”
I always tell them the truth, how our process goes from getting an undecided person asking us about time, prices and other common questions to a customer returning to his country with a smile makeover. Snap in dentures are a procedure that requires a great dentist to be done well and they need to check first many dentist in Mexico if they have decided to do dental vacations because it is an investment of money, and although is quite affordable is not as cheap as buying groceries.

So I tell them that when we have a person looking to us is because most of the time they have seen what me and my staff have done in cosmetic dentistry in all of these years. It has been over five thousand patients that have returned to his country with a great new smile. By the time they finished asking us all the questions they have about the procedure they now that we are the best option because for snap in dentures our prices are more than half of the price in US and Canada, we have the quality of a dentist located in their countries, our materials are FDA approved and we are always getting the latest tools to perform the treatments, and in case they are still undecided because don’t know a lot of things about Mexico we provide in our blog information about how amazing dental vacations are in Cancun.