Flossing our teeth

I have been a dentist in Cancun for so long I couldn’t tell how many people I have asked if they floss their teeth and I would say more than 95 % of the people don’t do that daily. I German Arzate like to ask few questions in cosmetic dentistry before I start all of the treatment and in all of my dental implants patients I ask them always this because it is important to floss our teeth and apparently I can’t stress that enough.

So I tell my patients, after you get dental implants in Cancun and you return home with a new smile you will feel very happy and confident and you won’t stop looking at the mirror to check your new teeth, but you need to take care of them.

One thing that we can do to take care of our teeth is flossing them. It will help you remove plaque and bacteria that our toothbrush is unable to reach and that will make us be healthier because if you don’t floss, the bacteria that is located between our teeth accumulates and cause diseases. It is known that people that don’t floss their teeth are twice likely to suffer heart disease.

Even with our new dental implants we need to take care of them flossing them, otherwise the lifetime of dental implants will be shortened and our health won’t be as good as we hope. So please make sure you floss your teeth daily to take good care of your oral health.